Thursday, April 6, 2017

Weather It Is (Springtime Variability)

Good Morning:

My apologies for being out of touch a bit -- it's been busy pre-Pesach.

Today will be on the cool and breezy side, as a cool front moves by to our east.

However, winds will switch to a more southerly direction as we head towards the Pesach Sedar, and it will really begin to feel like spring or even early summer.

But "Mother Nature" will have something to say about that, and the middle of next week will see the approach of a strong storm.  The storm will bring much cooler weather, which will last almost to Israhog. More importantly, very cold temperatures in the upper atmosphere -- coupled with moisture advection -- will likely bring thunderstorms on Wednesday as the storm moves in.

In summary, after a cool day today, the weather will head pleasantly, if not warmly into Pesach, but at least part of Chol-Ha-Moed will be more conducive to indoor activities than out.

Barry Lynn

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