Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weather It Is (Hot, Hot...)

Good Evening:

It's a warm evening here in Efrat -- and it's humid too.

Persistent counterclockwise flow around low pressure to our east combined with stable air and a short trajectory from the sea is making for an uncomfortable situation. The heat and humidity will probably continue until the end of the week, with temperatures in the mountains in the mid 30s (mid 90s F).   On Thursday and Friday, low pressure should develop over the Mediterranean and our heat will become a sweltering memory.

It is interesting to note that the weather maps are showing low pressure developing  to our south and moving up the spine of the Jordanian mountains on Friday as well.  These types of the systems are indicators that the tropical weather of fall (with heavy convective showers) may be on our near-term horizon.

With such heat right now, the best we can do is dream of fall.  However, if your a dog (like our dog), you might dream of having a good bark at your neighbor's dog.  While heading off to bed, this seemed to be just the case, as our dog made small barking noises while snoozing outside our door.  This is the kind of conversation that leads to marriage "intimacy.'' So, my wife says that she dreamed all night about being at the beach. Much to my embarrassment, I had to admit that I dreamed about being in a giant snowstorm that never ended.

Given these obvious differences between us (very typical of married couples), a husband has to be on his best behavior.  That's why I strive to be the "ideal" husband.  If it wasn't for the fact that I'm on the short side ("can you get that down for me dear"), a bit self-absorbed ("honey, time to help with the homework"), and often in the way, I'm pretty much perfect.

You see, I grew up in a feminist household, which means that I help out with the laundry, wash the floors, and spend some of my time in the kitchen.  However, while good in theory, a kitchen husband is really something the mother-in-law inflicts on the  daughter-in-law.

Keeping the last bit in mind, my wife faced one of those existential choices that could have influenced our marriage for years to come (God willing).  Having tired from a bit of Challah making, I was lying on the couch.  I called for help -- as sitting up on my own after my surgery is still difficult.  I was ready to go back to the kitchen. This was her chance!  Had she simply shrugged her shoulders, pretended not to hear, or simply run from the house, I would still be on the couch and the kitchen would have been returned to her tender ministrations.

Anyway, after spending hours in the kitchen on Friday, she said: "don't you need to rest?"  I said, "don't worry, I'm going to 'hit the wall,' and does it matter how hard?"

There are somethings that one spouse says and the other hears that are better left unanswered -- no matter how wise or not.

That wall really hurts!

Barry Lynn

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