Friday, June 10, 2016

Weather It Is (A Chill, but Lots of Heat Coming)

Good Morning:

There's been a bit of chill since our last heat wave broke: almost enough to say "that feels chilly."

The first day of our three day weekend, Shabbat, will be absolutely outstanding weather wise.  There will be light winds and the temperatures will be mild.

Shavuot -- on Sunday -- will start a warming trend: in other words, it will be a nice day for a barbecue. The warming weather will be in response to low pressure over the Saudi desert poking its way northwest into the eastern Mediterranean.

Israhag, Monday, will be on the hot side, and the heat will continue to build into Wednesday as the temperatures become scorching hot.  Unfortunately, the hot weather will end on a windy note, which means that the risk of wildfires will rise substantially during the mid-week period.

The end of next week will return to more seasonal weather.

Shabbat Shalom, Hag Samaech,

Barry Lynn

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