Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weather It Is (That Time of Year)

Good Evening:

It's that time of year -- the calendar says we're nearing the end of the third week of June, and that means hot weather. The hot weather is in response to a growing area of low pressure (a heat low) over the Saudi desert.  This is a normal occurrence for this time of year, but when it drifts to the west our weather tends to get hot, too hot.

In fact, the heat will grow until the end of the week, and it will probably be quite uncomfortable.  Looking at the long range global ensemble, next week should be a bit more comfortable, but the month may end on a hot note again.

For this, I must apologise.  In may last post, I mentioned that the ensemble suggested that we'd arrive at the month without any significant change in temperatures.  However, it is apparent that this was overly optimistic, and that the global ensemble did not accurately reflect the development and westward drift of the Saudi Arabian heat low.

To be honest, I am bit surprised that I have not received any requests to also apologise for my last post from irate readers of the female variety.  In that post, I mentioned that the only reason one of the men folks could offer for marriage was womanly wiles.  However, I want to state here for the record that I don't agree with this supposition.  Women are neither wily, nor or they wooly (like the caterpillar).

I am not sure what women are, exactly, but wily or wooly are not an apt descriptions.

Is it ironic, then, that a French writer (on page 206) sought to address this very issue? Here is a description from "The Map of the Sky," by Felix J. Palma: "Moreover, while Gilmore was not versed in the art of gallantry, he had overheard many a gentleman in his club declare that for some unknown reason women were capricious creators, capable of expressing themselves only by means of complex riddles, which men had to waste their time and energy deciphering.  Faced with men's undisguised simplicity..."

Now, I have to tell you that this is not my wife, and I am sure that she is not yours either.  However, faced with men's undisguised simplicity, I can certainly understand if women might be described as "exasperated."

This still doesn't tell us why men get married (or women for that matter), but I've run out of space and time to expound.

Barry Lynn

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