Monday, August 15, 2016

Weather It Is (Some Like It Hot)

Good Morning:

For those who like it hot, well..., this is not the week for hot weather.

As you can see, it has been unusually chilly across Europe.

In fact, it has been colder than late December.

Here, the temperatures in the mountains should be in the mid-20s, while in the coastal plains the upper 20s.  Nighttime temperatures should fall into the low 20s in the coastal plain and the mid-teens in the mountains.  So, it will feel like fall rather than summer.

However,  Shabbat should begin a warm-up, but again temperatures will only return to about seasonable, if not below seasonable temperatures as next week progresses.  If we look to the end of the month, we see possibly much hotter weather, but not (yet) any extreme heat.

You can see relatively cool lower tropospheric temperatures over Europe at this link:

We're on the receiving end of some of this weather.

Note, also, the movement of the hot area of lower pressure over the deserts to our east a bit westward late this week and early next. It then retreats a bit as a high pressure ridge develops to our west and funnels somewhat cooler weather southward towards the end of next week.

Barry Lynn

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