Thursday, September 29, 2016

Weather It Is (The Weather Settles)

Good Evening:

The weather is settling in.  Rain chances for early next week are no-longer. Instead, the days of the New Year (Rosh HaShanah) may end up on the warm -- if not hot side.  We're not speaking about extreme heat, but heat nevertheless.

Nevertheless, the long range forecast shows cooler weather at the end of next week and a chance of showers (25%).

Unfortunately, Yom Kippur looks to be on the warm side again before we cool off with a chance of rain at the start of Sukkoth.

Looking far ahead, the Climate Forecast Systems Model suggests that the next few months will be warmer than normal with normal rainfall.

So, for those hoping for a cold and snowy winter, this upcoming 10 days of Repentance (Teshivah) is a good time to suggest a change.

Shabbat Shalom/Shana Tova,

Barry Lynn

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