Sunday, July 23, 2017

Weather It Is (Heat Again)

Good Morning:

We had some problems transitioning to the upgraded GFS model -- the model that provides initial and boundary conditions to our WRF forecast update.  However, these problems should be behind us, soon.

In the meantime, we're showing a combination of WRF and GFS forecast data, so to minimize forecast interruptions.

Regardless, the weather doesn't wait, and the heat has come back as winds spin counterclockwise slowly around low pressure to our east.

Around mid-week, high pressure will develop over Africa.  The clockwise flow of air around the high should bringwesterly winds, which means cooler sea-breezes (but higher humidity as well).  Late in the week, however, the high will approach from the west, and winds will shift into a more northerly or northeast direction, which means the heat should return.

Speaking of heat, the rhetoric of the Palestinian leadership has now made a bad situation worse, inflaming the latent hatred of Jews Palestinians are taught by their religious leaders, school teachers, and media.

When a tragedy, God forbid, strikes here, a investigative committee is set up, and at least some lessons are learned to prevent future tragedy.  In contrast, when the Palestinians engage in murder, and the Israel government responds with a reasonable security precaution, the Palestinian leadership blames the victim, us, and calls for more acts of violence -- i.e., murder.

It really makes no sense, because almost always the Palestinians suffer many more deaths (and property damage) than we do.  Yet, their hatred is so deep that they never give up.  They hope that this will be the time that they can finally rid the holy land of the Jews -- forgetting that to us our land is both holy and necessary for the survival of the Jewish people.  We're not going to run away, and we will fight back.

I hope that this round of mayhem will end soon.

Barry Lynn

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