Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weather It Is (Hot Again)

Good Evening:

A quick glance at the wind pattern at 850 mb (about 1500 m above the ground level) shows that we'll be the battleground between very hot air to our east and cooler Mediterranean sea-breezes.  Unfortunately, the battle will turn towards the uncomfortable side --> hot.

It looks like temperatures will rise into the mid to upper 30s by Wednesday, with the hottest temperatures over the mountain areas again.  Temperatures along the coast should be in the low 30s, but with high humidity (so the Heat Index will be high).

Thursday looks like there will be a change of wind direction on Thursday, and this should cool things off as we head into Shabbat.

There is a note in The Times of Israel that Hizbollah is building underground missile factories in Lebanon.  The reality of the situation is all too real.  Here we have a group that has 150,000 missiles, and they apparently need more.  You might remember that one of our previous foreign ministers agreed to the situation that made this possible.  She put her trust in the UN and other countries to enforce the agreement (that was -- on paper (only) -- suppose to preclude such a situation).  In my opinion, it is necessary to use some very large munitions to destroy these factories.  Hopefully, Hizbollah and Iran will get the message.

Barry Lynn

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