Monday, July 3, 2017

Weather It Is (A Hot Day)

Good Afternoon:

There's a hot, dry wind a blowing, and it is blowing right here.  Temperatures are in the upper 30s in most locations across the country, except along the immediate coast.  However, along the coast line humidities are quite high, so the Heat Index is still in the mid 30s.  The winds are generally actually from the north, but they are originating from the deserts to our east. Only the coastal areas have a westerly (from the sea) component to the winds (and hence the higher humidity).

So, no matter where you are it isn't pleasant to be outdoors.

Fortunately, a cool front will arrive this evening and temperatures should trend downwards to more normal levels by the end of the week (when they may trend back up!).  High pressure will first dip to our south bringing "cooler" westerly winds, and a trough of low pressure will approach mid-week as well -- keeping the winds in a more westerly direction.

There is still a lot of hot air coming from our politicians.  One "religious" man was heard to say that the "Diaspora" Jews should stay our of our business.  I guess he has forgotten that the country was built by both who built it with their hands (and blood) and those that provided the financial resources to make it possible (and in many ways, still do).  Yesterday, our Prime Minister stopped a bill that would have made it more difficult to give away part of Jerusalem in a possible future (actually -- it is really impossible) peace agreement with our Palestinian neighbors.  Suddenly, the man was more like a Tuna-Fish rather than a Jelly Fish. I wonder from where he grew a spine?

Hoping for cooler weather and a true leader to step forward.

Barry Lynn

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