Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weather It Is (A Roller Coaster)

Good Afternoon:

As noted, the weather has a spring, if not summer feeling to it.

I've noticed the plants greening up in Gush Etzion in anticipation of continued warm weather.

The first indication that someone forgot to tell "Mother Nature" will be tonight, when a cool front will drop temperatures by 5 to 10 C from today's highs. 

Temperatures will then rebound into Sunday night -- but then the bottom will drop out and temperatures (and the weather) will head downwards towards more winter like temperatures.

If one takes a look here:

one notes a mass of very cold air situated to our north. It appears as if the coldest weather in the northern hemisphere has congregated in our longitude sector.

Moreover, at least some of the GFS ensemble members bring in more than unseasonably cold air 8 or 9 days out:

Getting back to practical weather: we're looking for at least a whole week's worth of unusually chilly weather. While there is 10% chance of snow, the most likely outcome will be periods of rain from Sunday onwards, with the greatest likelihood of more significant rain from the 15th to the 19th of the month (of March).

In the meantime, hot and cold, and there will be dust from south to north that will  reduce air quality. One would be excused if one felt like he was stuck on a rollercoaster with just too many drops.

Barry Lynn

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