Saturday, March 19, 2016

Weather It Is (Some Rain, Some Nice Weather, and A Storm to End the Month)

Good Evening:

A weak storm will approach tonight and bring a period of rain in the morning, with between 5 to 10 mm from north to south (of the Dead Sea).  Scattered rain showers will persist in the afternoon and evening.

The weather will stay cool on Monday, but Tuesday will see a significant warm up that should last through Purim Day.

After Purim Day, the weather will change significantly.  It may be Shushan Purim, or it may be the day after, or even Sunday, but much colder weather will arrive, and so should the rain.

There is an interesting weather pattern forecast. After the low pressure tomorrow, a weak ridge will build ahead of another system moving across the Mediterranean.  Southerly winds ahead of the low will bring unseasonably warm weather, and as the low approaches it will drag a cool front through our area.

That might normally be the end of it. The low would move through and we would have some light showers.

However, an intense storm will move into the eastern Atlantic and move north of England.  A southeast to northeast ridge should then shoot up into the Baltic Sea.  On the southeastern side of this ridge, cold, Siberian air should flow southwestward and spin up a major winter storm over our area. Hence, there is a 60% chance of heavy rain next week, with unusually cold temperatures.

Purim Samaech,

Barry Lynn

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