Monday, March 13, 2017

Weather It Is (Chilly, And Then Rain)

Good Evening:

The storm we spoke about last week is about to blast the New York City area back to remembrances of the Blizzard of 1888.  If 20 inches accumulates in Central Park, it will break the snow record set back then.

Here, our weather has a definite chill to it, and -- in fact -- the whole week will be on the chilly side.  Moreover, light rain may occur as early as Wednesday, and a heavier precipitation event is likely for Shabbat into Sunday.  Winds may also be quite strong with the upcoming storm as well.

I've been following the weather discussion for NYC and vicinity for a few days now.  This is when I really miss my old home (or rather, the weather I grew up with).  True, we've have fantastic weather on the whole here, but I could really use a late winter storm to get myself in the spring mindset.  This might seem strange, but you have to remember that many plants and animals need winter-type weather to get ready for spring.  In fact, fruit trees won't produce fruit without enough cold weather hours during wintertime.

Anyway, it might warm up briefly before the next onslaught of cold weather at the end of the week, but then again it might not.

The last whole week in March looks to be a bit more seasonable.

Barry Lynn

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