Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weather It Is (Its Neither Here Nor There)

Good Evening:

It's been chilly these last few days.  It's been cloudy these last few days.  It's been a tad windy.

I've written before about how our weather is generally just plain nice, but the weather we've had in the last several days (if not more) is neither here (Spring) or there (Winter).

True, there may be some springtime rain over the far south and far north during the next few days, but temperatures won't really moderate from this Tuesday to the next.  Moreover, the long range forecast suggests that a trough will build in from the north, possibly bringing a heavier rain to the end of the month, and even unseasonably cool weather.

I say "possibly" because the forecast has oscillated between something just "annoying" (more of the same, but even cooler than the coming seven days) to something more on the winter rainy side, without any clear signal.

Time to go south!

Barry Lynn

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