Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weather It Is (Purim Day + A Purim Spiel?)

Good Evening:

Last night was full of lightning pyrotechnics, including one lightning flash that I saw travel across the sky from south to north.

The weather has not been particularly nice, but tomorrow will be a bit milder.  However, it will remain dusty with occasionally strong winds.

The mild weather will be short-lived, though, as a cold front and some rain arrives to wet the central and northern areas as the Jerusalem Purim night transitions into Purim day. The rain will be heavier up north.

One might think that spring would still be around the corner.  But, if one lives along the eastern coast of the United States one would not be wrong if one thought spring had sprung quite some time ago, yet spring will soon be buried under winter's revenge.  After a moderate snowfall, a northeaster (if not a blizzard) will dump more than a foot of snow in many locations Monday night into Tuesday night -- and temperatures are already and will be about 20 F below normal (not even reaching freezing).

So, what's the connection to our weather?

The large ripple in the atmospheric circulation seems to be tied to our own jet stream ripple as the chilly weather should persist until the end of this week.  Moreover, we also see the potential for a significant rain as the end of the week approaches and the new begins, with quite possibly chilly if not cold temperatures.  On the other hand, while rain is likely at the end of the week, there is a greater chance that temperatures will turn milder than turn even chillier still.

Purim Samaech,

Barry Lynn

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