Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weather It Is (Winter Hangs On)

Good Afternoon:

It does seem a little hard to get use to: one day its warm, and the next it is on the nippy side. Moreover, there will be some light rain late today along the coast, and some light rain over the central and northern areas tonight into tomorrow morning.

For those who say they've heard this before, but that the merchandise wasn't delivered: perhaps you gave the wrong address?  On Purim day I left Efrat and drove into a driving rain (even before leaving the city's edge).  When I returned, the roads were quite wet (and they were wet in Jerusalem, too, where an umbrellas was carried but not opened) about 1 km beyond the northern entrance.  Yet, they were "bone-dry" before the entrance to the first "main" road Zerubavel.  My wife says she counted the drops at our cottage-home, and gave me a rather annoyed, if not perplexed look.  The looks sort of said: "I should have married a doctor, if not a good carpenter").

Not to be deterred, I will mention that it should warm up a bit on Friday and Shabbat, and there could be some tropical rain.  Of course, for those who have been following the weather, they might remember that until yesterday the forecast suggested that the end of the week looked to bring a cold, if not icy rain -- but that is not the case anymore.  Still, the GFS forecasts a decent rain on Monday of next week (and cold temperatures), while its cousin (the GFS Ensemble) indicates about a 25% chance of a good soaking rain.

Temperatures should warm up, regardless, after the passage of the (rainy) system early next week.

Barry Lynn

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