Monday, March 6, 2017

Weather It Is (Did You See That?)

Good Evening:

Some people like it hot, while others like it cold.  I hope that either don't mind a bit of rain and chilly weather on Purim.

One might think of March as being a transition month -- between winter and spring.  However, one might be excused for thinking that the month of March isn't (and won't be) any different than the month of February, if not January.

The forecast shows a series of ridges and troughs moving through the eastern Mediterranean, with rain chances highest from this Friday into Sunday morning.  Moreover, it is striking that temperatures fall about 15 C between Thursday evening and Sunday morning.

One headline is that Purim may bring Strong, if not Gale Force winds.

Beyond Purim, there is a lot of variability in the forecasts, although the ECMWF Medium Range Forecast suggests that there will be above normal temperatures with below normal precipitation.

Barry Lynn

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