Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weather It Is (People are Complaining (Again))

Good Evening:

"Where's winter?  They want to know.  I get this question in the home and out.  I can be innocently  minding my business (actually, scanning the streets for potential Palestinian Zombie attackers) when out will pop someone: "Where's winter?"  They look at me like "what are you doing?"

Well, the day before last I titled my blog "Winter Approaches" and I can tell you that I meant what I said and wrote what I said.

A small wave of low pressure will approach tomorrow, while temperatures cool slightly.  Some tropical showers are possible.  Cooler weather will follow for Tuesday through Thursday.  A moderate warmup is likely in Shabbat and then temperatures will fall off by about 10 C.

The end of this week, or very early next week,  will see a higher possibility of showers, generally across the country.  However, there is no clear signal at 500 mb so we can't speak yet about rain amounts.  However, all global ensemble members agree that it will rain at some point next week.

Looking ahead the showers sees fall-like temperatures through the end of the month and into early next month.

True, it's not winter, but winter is approaching.  Just a little patience is needed.

Barry Lynn

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