Monday, October 12, 2015

Weather It Is (Zombies)

Good Evening:

We're under cloudy skies, with light breezes.  It's 25 C (today's temperatures reached a high of 29) with 66% humidity. The dust that we had earlier should be advecting southward through the desert regions overnight and out of our area.

Temperatures are actually headed cooler (by mid-week several degrees), but will warm up a bit by the end of the week.

These swings are hard to take.  However, they're nothing compared to our situation where the Palestinian people have been turned into Zombie attackers (from the Times of Israel (

"An eyewitness described the assailants to Channel 2 as being young teenagers, 13 or 14 years of age. The woman said they were armed with 'machetes.'"

Through years of educating their young in the schools, in the mosques, and through media propaganda, they've come to hate Jews and have now been unleashed upon us.

Keep in mind that various voices warned against the indoctrination going on within Area A/B (now "Palestine;" or 38% of the area referred to by many as the "West Bank," but in Israel as Judea and Samaria), but various governments did nothing to stop the Palestinian Authority (now Palestinian government) from poisoning their children.  (Of course, the citizens of Gaza have already been poisoned as well.)

So, now we have herds of Zombies and I am -- quite frankly -- short on words of what to do about it. At least in the movies ("Cannon Fodder" of 2013) Israel came out on top.

I am not sure what the future will bring in this regard, but I am more sure that the next two weeks show a cooling trend from Shabbat onwards, and that 25% of our forecasts suggest a more significant rain by the end of the following week.

Let's hope so -- maybe it will keep our neighbors inside.

Barry Lynn

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