Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weather It Is (Winter Approaches)

Good Evening:

The weather has certainly been nice.  Much better than the "situation."  One wonders if one "solution" is to close down social media, so that the continuous lies inherent in Palestinian media and social media can no longer be so easily spread.

Had a generation of children not been brought up to hate (and be incited to murder), the past progress (sometimes fragile) towards coexistence (at least among some) might just be bearing fruit.  Of course, this was and is the whole point: to prevent any reconciliation among the Jewish and (what are now called) the Palestinian people.

Anyway, like the situation, the weather will drift along for several days slowly without much change, but because of the season there is still a large potential variability in temperatures from forecast.

However, if not early next week, then certainly by the end of next week the weather will change and more winter like conditions will arrive.  It won't be particularly cold, but it will feel more fall-like.  There is a high likelihood of precipitation, but the amounts are still unclear.

Shabbat Shalom,

Barry Lynn

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