Monday, October 26, 2015

Weather It Is (Rain Days)

Good Evening:

While today was predominately rain free, except in the south (where it rained 8 mm in Eilat), our weather will be taking a turn for the worse (or towards winter).

Tonight rain will develop along the coast and make its way eastward by morning.  Rain will fall generally from Beer-Sheva northwards, and continue "off-and-on" into Thursday.  Amounts will accumulate over time to between 25 to 50 mm in many locations.  Some of the storms moving in off the sea will be quite strong, so it is necessary to prepare for strong winds, bouts of heavy rain, and lightning.

The rain will be courtesy of a strong upper-level (500 mb) trough phasing with a low pressure in lower levels.  Temperatures will be dropping by another 5 degrees Celsius at all levels.

Looking further ahead. while it may warm up as the new month approaches, there is also a 20% chance that it will get downright cold (and wet).

Barry Lynn

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