Friday, October 9, 2015

Weather It Is (The Rain That Was Again)

Good Morning:

Reading that Hamas has declared a "Day of Rage," one wonders why more is not said about this.  Imagine if fathers were to declare a "Day of Rage."  I suppose it would be fine if they were to kick the dog, beat the wife, and yell at the kids (God forbid for all of them).  Yet, when Hamas declares a Day of Rage against the Jews no one says a word.  What kind of people declare a Day of Rage?  Do you find this normal? What kind of people post Youtube videos encouraging their young men and women  to stab someone (a Jew, actually) in the neck?  Yet, you still find a number of people (fortunately not everyone in the world) who can't think of anything worse that there exists the State of Israel -- the only country in this part of the world where these actions would be a crime.

That said, it was nice to notice almost 5 mm of rain in my rain gauge this morning. I received quite a bit of criticism from the son for not notifying him clearly in advance about this (although, I do remember mentioning something about this).  We're in a bit of an unstable weather pattern, which may still bring some showers into mid-afternoon.

However, temperatures will begin to warm up on Shabbat and over the next few days the skies should become predominately sunny with more pleasant fall temperatures.  There may be a small atmospheric wave of low pressure mid next week, but the next more significant chance for rain is about two weeks out (currently at 10%).

Shabbat Shalom,

Barry Lynn

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