Friday, October 23, 2015

Weather It Is (The Second Rain/Flooding)

Good Morning:

Widespread rain is expected on Sunday.  By widespread, we mean that rain should stretch from just northwest of Eilat, and then northeastward through the Arava, the Dead Sea and Jordan Valleys, as well as the Sinai, up through the western Coastal regions, the Galilee, and Hermon.

The rain amounts will generally be between 10 and 25 mm, but because these heavy amounts should fall even in the south and desert regions, we can expect wide-spread flooding in normally dry river beds.  Even if Eilat is spared the rain, it may be affected by river flow as well from the direction of the Sinai and northern river beds.  There is a high probability of rain as the ensemble maps are pretty much "locked in" on this event.  Some of the convective storms in the Sinai might actually bring more than 25 mm of rain.

The temperatures should be mild on Shabbat, but then fall off by about 12 Celsius on Sunday as the storm approaches.  There is a chance of showers on Shabbat, but the main rain should come from Sunday late morning until Monday morning.  Rain showers will probably continue into mid week.

Shabbat Shalom,

Barry Lynn

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