Monday, December 26, 2016

Weather It Is (Winter Continues)

Good Evening:

We're expecting a strong rain system to move in tonight and tomorrow (Tuesday).  It should bring between 25 to 50 mm of rain across the coastal areas and into the central mountains.  More than 50 mm of rain is expected in the area of Haifa and northward. The storm should bring strong winds.

After light showers on Wednesday, another storm should arrive on Thursday with another round of rain. Through it all, temperatures should remain on the chilly side.

Friday night should see the arrival of another storm, with temperatures aloft becoming cold enough for snow.  However, a long fetch over the sea may warm lower atmospheric temperatures enough to limit snow accumulations.  The highest accumulations should be in the highest elevations around Jerusalem and the north.

As for amounts: anything we can write now is just guessing.  We need to wait until our high resolution forecasts come into play within three days of this possible snow event.

Otherwise, the maximum winds will be either strong or gale force, but not hurricane force winds as indicated by some of the ensemble forecasts the other day.

The cold weather with the next system should last into early next week.

Barry Lynn

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