Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weather It Is (The End...)

Good Evening:

A dog will eat anything off the floor -- just because it can.

A cat will climb any tree -- just because it can.

A meteorologist will forecast snow -- any chance he can.

Well, after thoughtful and prolonged consideration, I can tell you that you won't hear me say that word again -- at least until next year.

Why? Because Spring is in the processing of springing. Temperatures will moderate over the next week as the winter cold retreats to the north and a bit of desert heat takes it place.

True, by mid next week a cool breeze will return, and possibly some rain, but we don't see any real return to winter cold.

On topic: we're thinking of adopting some new rules for next year, which we'll implement at the appropriate time, God willing.  You might have noticed that our long range forecasts were suggestive of a wintry pattern, but while it often turned cold on schedule, it was never too cold (or too cold and snowy) at any particular time. Here in Efrat we had about 2 cm of snow one Shabbat morning, and that was it!

This winter was a year of almost, and it must be very hard to have to suffer through so many almost.  For this reason, next year we plan to speak of a turn towards colder weather, but leave out any discussion of a possible "real" winter storm until 3 days before it happens.  At this time, we should have access to our higher resolution forecasts, which will give us a better idea of whether winter weather is really possible -- or not.

It is interesting that so many different groups claim they want to liberate the "Land."  Why is that? It's obvious that Jerusalem is not holy to them, as they pray in a completely different direction than towards Jerusalem.  The real reason they want to liberate the land is because they really prefer the weather we have here to the weather they have there. I mean, who would want to live Iran where the weather is quite frankly much to hot (or the air is heavily polluted).  In contrast we have relatively mild winters, gentle rains, and not too hot desert heat.

From this we know that the Palestinians really are uninterested in peaceful relations.  Anyone who has driven through Judea and Samaria (i.e., the "West Bank") knows that it is prime real estate with the best weather (not too hot and just dry enough) in the country. If the Palestinian leadership was sincere about making peace they would jump to live in weather paradise.

Enjoy the spring!

Barry Lynn

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