Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weather It Is (A Sharav)

Good Evening:

A Sharav is on the way.

Strong upper level forcing combined with plenty of moisture will bring us a period of unusual warmth and dust followed by convective showers as the month turns over into March (on Tuesday night).

A glance at the GEFS (mean) weather maps clearly shows the storm skirting the southern Mediterranean and then curving up the sea-coast before passing by to our NW.

Our dust forecast shows the dust concentrations increasing over the next few days, while the GEFS shows chilly air will follow the passage of the Sharav and its associated cold front.

The chill will last into the middle of the following week.

Beyond the middle of next week, the forecast shows a wide range of possible outcomes, including more rain and cold.

The European medium range forecast updates on Monday of each week, so we'll see if a wet March is still on tap for the coming month.

Shavua Tov,

Barry Lynn

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