Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weather It Is (Winter Advisory Update (2))

Good Evening:

The latest global data (0600 UTC) has trended colder, and our high resolution forecast now shows several centimeter of accumulation in the area of Hebron and Kiryat Area.

A fierce storm will arrive tonight with heavy rain that will spread from north to south.

The heaviest rain amounts will be in the central coastal and central mountain areas, where floods are possible.

Gale force winds are expected in the area of the central mountains.

Snow is expected to accumulate in the Hebron area tonight and tomorrow, while snow and ice will make for dangerous traveling conditions late tonight and tomorrow in the rest of Gush Etzion, possibly spreading to the area of Jerusalem later in the day as temperatures cool.

Because temperatures are forecast to be just above freezing, precipitating snow and ice (in thunderstorms) will probably cover the ground and roads, but then melt, which is why we're not expecting any snow to accumulate.

Still, the intensity of the precipitation will likely lead to travel problems.

The precipitation should be lighter in the north, but heavy precipitation may fall south into the area of the Arava.

We should have another update in the evening.

Barry Lynn

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