Saturday, January 28, 2017

Weather It Is (Cold Advisory)

Good Evening:

Donald Trump can win the presidential election and it can snow when temperatures are warmer than -25 Celsius at 500 mb.  Last night there were periods of snow in Gush Etzion and snow showers in Jerusalem.  In Efrat, we had a late night inch of snow, while in Jerusalem a mix of graupel and snow in the middle of the night left a dusting.  The key was that it was quite cold at 700 mb (around -12 C), and at 850 mb (-2 C).  Temperatures dropped closed to zero in Gust Etzion during the snowfall.

Tonight the rain will come to an end, but very cold air is moving in at 850 mb.  This could cause freezing of some road surface late at night and early morning, making for dangerous driving conditions -- so care must be taken!

The weather will warm a bit ahead of our next system, which should arrive Monday night.  This may bring some showers, strong winds, and snow on the Hermon, with temperatures in the lower single digits. This will be followed by even colder air from Wednesday into Friday.

It appears to be a stormy time and a stormy week, but the global ensemble forecast does not show a lot of precipitation, so the total amounts of rain (or snow) will not (as of yet) be very large.

Barry Lynn

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