Friday, January 6, 2017

Weather It Is (Very Cold, Dust, Some Precipitation)

Good Afternoon:


i) Much Colder

ii) Snow in the north, rain along the central and northern coasts.

iii) Lots of dust arriving until the storm brings cleansing rains Sunday night.

It may not feel much like winter today, but winter doesn't care.

Temperatures will fall tonight into Monday morning as a very strong storm approaches from the Northwest.

Right now, it appears that the heaviest precipitation will be from Tel-Aviv northward into the Hermon (where heavy snow will fall) from Sunday night into Monday.

The storm will bring strong to gale force winds.

The central mountainous area may get by with light precipitation as the storm is forecast to swing out just before causing a severe impact to the central areas.  Still, there may be a period of wet snow or snow Sunday night into Monday. If the storm swings away as forecast, though, it won't accumulate or make much of an impact.

Looking at the global forecast, we don't see much variability among forecasts so the likelihood that the storm will indeed move further south is not high.

The instability in the weather pattern should persist for the next couple of weeks.

For a more in depth look at the coming storm pattern, go here:

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