Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Weather It Is (Cold, Rainy, Windy, With A Touch Of Uncertainty)

Good Late Night:

The latest forecast continues to show stormy and very cold weather ahead.

Right now, we have high confidence that it will be near or below freezing in the higher elevations of the central mountains and northern Galilee peaks (and of course on the Hermon, where it will be quite a bit below).

We still see a range of temperatures at 700 mb, but the mean is below -10 C Friday night/Shabbat, which is cold enough for snow.

We also see a prolonged period of precipitation from late Thursday into Sunday morning.  However, we also see that the coldest temperatures at 500 mb will occur Thursday night into Friday morning.  Yet, we still see the potential for colder upper air temperatures on Shabbat, which would make it more likely for snow to accumulate on Shabbat into Sunday morning.

Lastly, we're pretty sure that it will be quite windy Thursday night into Friday.

All in all, there is still more than a touch of uncertainty whether this coming storm will bring an accumulating snow or not.

Adding the to the uncertainty is possibly another upper air, very cold system to arrive at the start of next month.

Next update is planned, God willing, for Wednesday evening.

Barry Lynn

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