Thursday, January 26, 2017

Weather It Is (Winter Weather Warning/Snow/Cold Advisory)

Good Evening:

The storm is upon us and it will be fierce.

The winds will gust to 90 km an hour along the coast and 80 km in the central and northern mountains.  In the Golan, there will be gusts above 100 km/h.  The high winds are expected tonight into late Friday night.

The largest amounts of rain will fall in the far north (> 100 mm) and in the area of the central mountains (50 to 75 mm, or even higher in localized areas).

Temperatures will fall to about freezing Friday night and Shabbat, when a coating of snow will be possible in the central mountains, especially after candle-lightning.  Much more snow should fall in the Galilee peaks and Golan.

The cold will intensify Motzei Shabbat, and the roads may ice over, and remain icy into Sunday morning.

While Monday will see a warm up, the rest of the week should be chilly (and maybe even cold), and there is the possibility of another storm Tuesday or Wednesday.

Barry Lynn

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