Friday, January 20, 2017

Weather It Is (A Storm Brewing)

Good Motzei Shabbat:

Late Friday evening Israel time the latest weather maps show a potential storm brewing for the end of the month.  In fact, the forecasts have been signaling "storm" for the last week.

The forecasts correctly predicted that the warm weather would come to an end, and that temperatures would cool off quite a bit by Sunday morning.  The chilly weather will be followed by a warm up that should end in at least some rain by the end of the week.

The ensemble suggests that the initial burst of cold air will be followed by an even more intense storm affecting us early the following week.  At the moment, the probability is about 30%, but the fact that this feature remains as a possibility a week after it was first mentioned gives us a bit more hope that winter will return to the hills of Jerusalem and the Galilee.

Barry Lynn

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