Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weather It Is (Nice Weather)

Good Evening:

A ridge of high pressure is building over the eastern Mediterranean.

Contrast our beautiful weather with that in England (which some here would like,
and some like the gentlemen in front of me would not), where an arctic blast/trough
has barreled through with thunder snow.

After a rainy, chilly December, it looks like January should be pretty much "bone-dry" and relatively mild.  This is because the ridge of high pressure looks to be a somewhat persistent feature for the next week or so.

Contrast this with the near misses we had when it came to possible big snows the past few weeks. However,  the storm track was just to our north, and that was enough to leave us out of the real cold and snowy weather.

So, if you like mild, sunny, Jerusalem winter weather, you should be happy for the next couple of weeks (with the exception of Sunday when it might shower).

As for February: nothing yet to report (but its 28 days should be enough to give us another chance or two for winter).

Barry Lynn

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