Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Weather It Is (Winter Storm Watch Cancelled)

Good Morning:

Last week both the European and American global forecast models suggested that a storm would arrive from the west, and then receive a reinforcing blast of cold air from the north.

A couple of days ago, the GEFS (American model) suggested that the storm arriving from the west would only give us a glancing blow, while the European model held on for a more snowy situation.

Now, both models forecast that the storm will miss us (to the north), bringing us only light rain along with chilly winter temperatures from the beginning to the middle of next week.

Temperatures will rise to mild winter levels from today to Friday, but will fall through Shabbat to quite chilly levels by Sunday morning, and remain there until Wednesday.

The GEFS is still showing the possibility of a period of snow within this period, but it might also just be light rain.

Until the forecasts from the ensemble converge, there isn't much more to add -- except that winds could be quite strong through the period, even gale force.

Barry Lynn

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