Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weather It Is (Glasses Anyone?)

A note: Dust levels will increase tonight and tomorrow and possibly become very heavy on Monday into Tuesday morning, especially in western areas.

Good Evening and Shavua Tov,

Donning a superior pair of multifocal lenses, we can now see ahead until next Thursday -- and snow is not in the forecast.

The initial surge of cold air will arrive fairly far to our west and the storm will weaken as it moves eastward. Still, we expect quite chilly temperatures to arrive Monday evening and bottom out Tuesday morning.  Temperatures at 850 mb will actually be close to freezing, but relatively warm air above this layer will preclude any snow from falling in the central and Galilee mountains. With the cold air will arrive rain, perhaps heavy rain, with heavy snow on the Hermon.

The inclement weather will last into Thursday, and then the forecast is blurred by many different possibilities, including even colder winter air or just normal winter chill.

There is a 15% chance of snow from Thursday onward  (in accordance with the latest "Euro" forecast) while there is a 40% chance of rain from Thursday to the end of the following week.

So, winter continues, but the ingredients have not yet come together to produce heavy snow in the central mountains, including Jerusalem. 

My apologies. 


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