Monday, January 18, 2016

Weather It Is (Stormy, Chilly, -- A Break -- Then Winter Storm)

Good Afternoon:

The dust has settled over us and there is nothing but do but wait for the coming rains to wash it away.

The rain is expected to arrive tonight in the northwest (with snow on the Hermon), enter Tel-Aviv in the early morning, pass through Jerusalem around noon,  and then make its way southward to Beer-Sheva by mid to late afternoon.

Off and on rain should continue in the center area until Wednesday noon.

Total amounts should be generally 10 to 25 mm,  with 25 to 50 mm east of Tel-Aviv and in the Golan. Snow amounts on the Golan are suppose to be around 30 cm.

Very strong, gale-force winds expected into Tuesday afternoon.

Looking ahead: the cold air remains in place until Thursday morning.  Temperatures will then warm up until the end of Shabbat when a very strong winter storm should arrive from the northwest.

Right now, it appears that Sunday through Wednesday offers the possibility of an extended period of snow.  Still, while we see greater model convergence at 850 (75%) and 700 mb (about 50%), we're still waiting for the 500 mb forecast to come better into focus.

In summary, rather unpleasant dusty and then rainy weather in the immediate future (with gale-force winds), chilly, a break, and then a winter storm loops quite possibly (but not certainly) on next week's horizon.

If you've got any pyjamas with penguins, polar bears, or even snowflakes, now is a good time to lend some encouragement.

Barry Lynn

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