Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weather It Is (Historic Proportions?)

Good Morning:

With a crash, the umbrella landed on the table next to my computer.  "What's this," I asked?

My wife's response was that she'd been carrying around this umbrella for weeks now and what good did it do her? After all, the last recorded rain in Efrat was on the 17th of January, almost 2 1/2 weeks ago, and that was a relative pittance.

I protested that there might still be an opportunity to use the umbrella; that winter might still return, and might even do more than that.  "Heard that!"  "Done that!"  "Been there before!"

All I can tell you is that only the "Shadow" knows for sure.  The last time I remember hearing this radio program was a stormy, rainy night -- driving back from New York.  My parents had taken me to New York city to see if there was anything they should/could be doing about my relative shortness. We'd gone to a nice dinner, and to see a very nice doctor in a very comfortable office.  My brother came along for comparison to me.  The verdict: I was to be relatively short and he was to be relatively long(er).

The solution: marry my wife who is taller than me!

Anyway, that night was suppose to be stormy and rainy, but the morning was windy and a heavy wet snow had fallen: school was cancelled and everything was ice! A perfect way to end the "evening!" An omen for next week?

Perhaps the Shadow can tell us if next week's 45% chance of snow will come to be, or if our 25% chance of a storm of "historic" proportions will indeed turn about.  This would be fair play, as most people remember the last forecast -- and it would be nice to go out this winter on a good note.

In any case, expect next week to be at least rainy.  Snow could arrive as early as Tuesday, but the best chance of a significant storm is Wednesday into Shabbat.

Keep in mind, there is still an even chance of just plain rain, with snow on the Hermon.  Unfortunately, talk of snow and the weather in general has "the power to cloud men's minds so they cannot see..."


Barry Lynn

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